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Meet Jack...

Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Hello one and all!

The wedding season is among us! We've been busy providing awesome wedding entertainment for happy couples right across the country. We're lucky enough to be the Surrey wedding band of choice at some incredible weddings this summer, and long may it continue!

It's been a while since we put another blog together so we thought it was high time you got some inside scoop for another one of the band members. Ladies and gentleman I present to you the might Jack the drummer!

We put together some questions to Jack, see below:

1. What do you consider your biggest achievement so far in your musical career?

Being asked to play drums for EMF.

2. Who are your musical influences?

Deftones, Kendrick Lamar, Snarky Puppy...

3. What's your favourite food?


4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Still grinding away working hard.

6. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I enjoy moving heavy weights for fun.

7. Spice Girls or Destiny's Child?

Destiny’s Child

8. Best gig you have played

EMF - Pennfest 2017

9. Favourite song to play in Rustiques?

“I will wait” - Mumford and Sons ?

So there you have it - Jack loves Destiny's Child, but there is no shame in that right!?? We shall leave you with a rather awesome kidding of a wedding we played recently where the guests and bride starting breaking out some sweet dance moves to the Arctic Monkeys Banger; I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor!

See you soon! The Rustiques x

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